Create a hands-on extension of your practice in your patients’ homes

MedArrive’s network of in-home Field Providers compliments your care to help you deepen patient relationships and improve the continuity of care.

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In person, at home, and at your patients’ convenience

Some care can’t happen through a screen. We support your telehealth practice with in-person medical services and seamlessly deliver the data back to you.

Give hands-on care

Access Field Providers, including EMTs, paramedics, and nurses, to administer exams, diagnostics, bloodwork, vaccinations, and more, in your patients’ homes with your virtual oversight.

Get in-person data, remotely

Review SDoH metrics, vitals, and lifestyle and environmental factors directly in your electronic medical record (EMR) to help you better understand your patients and provide more holistic care.

See healthier, happier patients

Support chronic condition management and medication adherence, reduce readmissions and ER visits, and foster your relationships by helping patients keep up with appointments, tests, and exams.

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Proven ROI


ED Utilization Reduction


Hospitalization Reduction


Increase in PCP Engagement


Additional Risk Capture

Estimates based on modeling; not a guarantee.

Millennium Physician Group (MPG) partners with MedArrive to provide transitional care and readmission prevention programs to patients post-discharge


Millennium Physician Group was looking for a solution to prevent costly readmissions and provide continuity of care into the home after a discharge


  1. MedArrive integrated its best in class technology, including the ability to schedule and route Field Providers to a patient's home directly into MPG's EHR
  2. MedArrive worked closely with MPG physicians and case managers. To maintain care continuity post-discharge, MedArrive dispatched highly trained Field Providers into the home, extending MPG’s care beyond the four walls of the hospital
  3. If needed, MedArrive Field Providers could escalate to MPG physicians via telehealth


  • Direct EHR integration into Athena
  • 90+ NPS Scores
  • 0% error rate
  • 4.5 out of 5 star patient feedback

What people are saying 

"Many of my patients live well below the poverty level and have felt forgotten by the healthcare system. Prior to MedArrive, these patients depended on the ER to fill the gaps in their care. As Medarrive has visited them and connected them to the resources that they need, they now have the means and the ability to manage their chronic conditions. With MedArrive as a partner, I feel I am able to truly provide my patients the high level of care that we all deserve."

– Kamilah Lyon

Family Nurse Practitioner, Lyon Healthcare Services LLC

Let’s change the future of healthcare, together

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