An end-to-end solution for in-home care.

Our programmatic approach merges technology with hands-on care to best meet your patients’ needs.

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Step 1:

Identify population of interest

We work with you to identify the target population and desired outcomes for your home-based care program. We then set up our platform to facilitate enrollment campaigns (as needed), and scheduling workflows.

Step 2:

Schedule and dispatch Field Provider

Get a Field Provider, like an EMT or paramedic, dispatched to provide the desired clinical service in the home. Field Provider routes are optimized based on a multitude of factors including availability, drive time and patient preference.

Step 3:

Deliver in-home care

The patient is treated in the comfort of their home, with physician oversight via telehealth if necessary. The Field Provider may also collect critical Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) information, conduct a Health Risk Assessment (HRA), and connect the patient to community resources.

Step 4:

Harvest analytics and insights

Receive outcomes analyses, visit summaries and discrete data extracts as the program progresses.

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